3D Printing

It’s been AGES since I posted anything here – life has been a bit hectic! Since my last post I’ve acquired a 3D Printer, and thought I’d share with you my first customised project. I’ve had a CCTV Board sitting on a cardboard eggbox for a couple years nows, as I wasn’t able to source a suitable case for it. Enter 3D Printer – problem solved! See the pictures at the bottom of the post. Anyway, the printer… I chose an AnyCubic Chiron, which has some pretty impressive specs – the Bed is 400x400mm, and it can print to a height of 450mm. It took me a few days to figure it all out – not assisted by some faulty original components, which I bypassed by pressing a Raspberry Pi into service loaded with the brilliant OctoPrint software.… Click Here to Read More

An Aussie Road Trip

This road trip that I’m going to share with you came about as a result of an accidental internet find.

I was looking through some websites of Australian Car Museums and noticed that one I particularly wanted to visit (sometime) was going to close down in a few months!

Lost in the 50’s would be lost FOREVER! I had to photograph it!

The Lost in the 50’s Museum

The Lost in the 50's Museum

So I started thinking seriously about it, initially getting in touch with the museum owner (Glen) to ask if he’d mind me coming in and taking a bunch of photographs. He didn’t mind in the least – so it’s on!

Initially I considered flying to the museum, which is situated about 1500 kilometers from my home in Adelaide, South Australia.… Click Here to Read More

Kilgarvan Motor Museum

[imgur id=zb4G4Qm.jpg] Before you enter the sheds that house the museum, there are some very pretty gardens, and bits and pieces strewn around. Like this! [imgur id=BTSwMA8.jpg] So, I started walking around, and the first car I saw was this brand spanking new Porsche 911GT3!! What? It’s not a GT3? Sorry.. they all look the same to me.. [imgur id=G9JcElu.jpg] Niiice! Ye Olde English Triumph Stag! [imgur id=QqgluI1.jpg] I’ve never seen one of these before, a German Adler. [imgur id=Qt5MCMY.jpg] This Rolls-Royce Corniche (in a MOST unusual colour!) was the result of a ground-up restoration by the Museum. [imgur id=I00PYeW.jpg] A very nice Model T Ford! [imgur id=xDBLlcy.jpg] And a beautiful Gold Riley. [imgur id=Cd1nhN4.jpg] Here’s a nice old Rover! [imgur id=0QXcBRn.jpg] This Hillman Special was most likely something in it’s day!
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Coffee & Chrome, Adelaide – June 2018

It was very busy, people everywhere, and the cars were parked right on top of each other, so it was hard to get decent shots. Here’s a 59 Caddy to start with – LOVE those fins! [imgur id=aoHgjcM.jpg] More Cadillac Finny Goodness! A 1960.. [imgur id=fqHe2Ly.jpg] A Nice Z28 Camaro [imgur id=zfBESMV.jpg] And a really nice 1955 Chev [imgur id=M2ukc6r.jpg] 1973 Chev Corvette [imgur id=JoXZ6Eq.jpg] I don’t think they made 356’s in RHD, possibly a replica.. but nice, nonetheless. [imgur id=9slW0T8.jpg] Extremely sweet Engine Bay of a Camaro SS. [imgur id=obIA3sh.jpg] Very pretty 1929 Ford Hot Rod [imgur id=eJiXKRx.jpg] I am about as far from being a Ford Fan as is possible, but I really liked this Falcon 2-Door GT.. Hawt!!
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A look around the Carl Lindner Jaguar Collection

Google took us to the spot, but the outside of the building showed little indication of the rumoured treasures within… Apart from that XK maybe?[imgur id=n2Sr1jT.jpg] This is a pretty good indicator that we’ve found the right place! What an amazing piece of art! In we go, and are immediately offered a coffee by the young Lady (Karen) who was (wo)manning the fort! How hospitable![imgur id=uIRQTOd.jpg] Karen showed us where we would find everything, and left us to look around and take some pictures. This 1932 SS1 was the very first Jaguar bought (by accident!) by Carl, and has pride of place immediately inside the door. This car started it all![imgur id=XxHYmhE.jpg] The ’32 is very original and in amazing condition for a car that was used – daily – for many years.
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American Muscle Cruise

As the cruise participants milled around I wandered in and out taking pictures of their cars, starting with this VERY nice Dodge Challenger![imgur id=1FCGF4O.jpg] And here’s another shot of the Challenger – Too nice![imgur id=zT3sNhm.jpg] Next was another Dodge, a Charger.[imgur id=Yz3gyBw.jpg] And another shot. It looks just as good from this angle![imgur id=oqD8XGm.jpg] Nice bum, Charger![imgur id=74PKjqc.jpg] Not sure if they had these Ford Fairlanes in the USA, but we sure got them here in Australia.[imgur id=hlUzyTp.jpg] There are still a few of these being raced in Historics – the famous Ford Galaxie 500![imgur id=dI2YQws.jpg] These Ford LTD’s were sold in Australia too, I think. MASSIVE car..[imgur id=40mnfRU.jpg] THis one is DEFINITELY Australian – a Holden Kingswood! Love those wheels, they really suit.[imgur id=cuXlYj2.jpg] I really liked this Plymouth RoadRunner too..
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Early Model Holden Spotting!

There is also a very famous institution here in Adelaide called Vili’s Cafe de Wheels, where you can buy (and consume) really great meat pies and other food. This morning I went out for a coffee at Vili’s with my buddy Steve, and co-incidentally just after I arrived people started turning up in the very first model Holdens, the 48-215 (or FX) and it’s successor, the FJ. I had my DLSR in the car, so took advantage and some pictures, a few of which I have here for you today! First to arrive was this very original (apart from the paint, I think) 48-215. I had a quick chat with the owners, and the engine is the original 132cubic inch (about 2 litre) in-line 6.
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British Classic Tour at Victor Harbor. S.A. 2018

The Tour was set up with a Start/Finish Line for the leisurely drive around the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula. No breakdowns were reported.[imgur id=kzibYKM.jpg] And when the Tour finished the cars were parked on the Victor Harbour Oval for display. This is when I arrived, to take some pictures![imgur id=eVEYZtW.jpg] First up were some stylish Mark 2 Jaaaaaaaaaags, like this one. The colour really suited it, I thought.[imgur id=hP3nZJ9.jpg] And White always looks great, of course. This is another Mark2 Jag.[imgur id=SB6z0Y4.jpg] Moving right along, here is a very nice XJ6. These never seem to look old. do they? Timeless styling.[imgur id=bhS94BK.jpg] Not QUITE so sure how I feel about this one.. Different?? 🙂 Very well presented though.[imgur id=bTOAFsg.jpg] A very nice XJ-R..
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My visit to the Geraldine Motor Museum in New Zealand

The Geraldine Motor Museum didn’t look like too much from the outside, but we had a couple of hours to spare, and the entry fee was very reasonable….so.. in we go! [imgur id=c1R3rG0.jpg] First impressions : The museum is crowded, and definitely built and run on a budget. But there are some nice old cars here, and there are no pretensions or salesmanship at all. This 1912 Overland looks very nice in Yellow.[imgur id=S3LFF7g.jpg] This 1910 Bianchi must have have been quite the thing when it was new. Lot’s of Horse Carriage influence here still.[imgur id=crFq120.jpg] And look at the lovely polished chest on the back! And the gold-plated door handles. I bet this cost a small fortune back in 1910.[imgur id=ctxekOL.jpg] This Rolls-Royce really took my fancy, to the point I tried to buy it.
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List of The Best Car Museums

In my quest to visit and photograph every Car Museum IN THE WORLD I thought I’d better find out where they all are. In my over-achieving style I have starting building a database of museums, sorted by country/region. Early days yet, I’ve hardly touched the USA for instance, but you can find the list at This Spot. If you know of any I’ve missed, please let me know as I’d love to keep building the list. Click Here to Read More

The Enzo Ferrari Engine Museum

This is a companion article to a previous one I wrote, where I visited the Ferrari Enzo Museum in Modena, Italy. In that article, I mentioned that I’d taken pictures in the Engine Hall. I kept them out of that piece because I figured most people wouldn’t be overly impressed by an engine sitting on a stand. For those brave few who ARE interested, here we go! The other article is HERE if you haven’t seen it already.
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A couple of months ago I started spending a bit of time on Drivetribe.com, which is the website owned by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May – formerly of Top Gear fame, and the hosts of The Grand Tour. As well as finding the moderators and (most) users extremely welcoming and hospitable I have really been enjoying my interaction with the site, to the point I have started writing some articles based on my visits to car museums and local (South Australian) events. I’ll most likely start to reproduce and expand upon the theme here, but if you’d like to view my work, go join up to Drivetribe. It is a very different site from what you are used to, as it is very social media like, but without the inane and mindless drivel that is the norm on other sites.… Click Here to Read More

2018 Jaguar National Rally – Display Day

The Jaguar National Rally was held in South Australia this year. Sunday 15th April had most of the entrants displaying their cars at the amazing National Motor Museum in Birdwood. As is my wont, camera on the ready, and off we go. I got pictures of *most* of the cars, but the weather wasn’t very co-operative and I had to take pictures between showers.
I also took advantage of one of the newest additions to the museum, and so got some pictures of the AMAZING Bugatti Veyron. Also look for the XJ13.. it is just brilliant. Enjoy! 2018 Jaguar National Rally – Display Day – 8th April 2018Click Here to Read More

Austin 7 Club Funkhana

8th April 2018, and the Austin 7 Club held a FunKhana on Houghton Oval.  Events included Delivering a rolled up newspaper into a tyre, catching balls, driving around in circles maintaining tension on a string, and describing a 360 circle with a cardboard box over your head (see the pictures!) Austin 7 Club Funkhana – 8th April 2018Click Here to Read More