Lakeland Motor Museum

On a trip to the U.K. in 2017, I planned out a couple of Car Museums to visit along the way. As we were passing through the Lakes District, Lakeland’s was an obvious choice for a stop.

Everything about my visit to Lakeland was good, starting with it being easy to find, and plenty of free parking available right across the private road from the entrance.

Yep, this is definitely the place!

As I walked in the front door my eye caught a sign which definitely bore looking into later.

My first impression when walking in is that there is a LOT of stuff in here! There are cars everywhere, Bikes and period paraphernalia all over the walls, aircraft hanging from the ceiling! I could be here much longer than I had anticipated.

I started walking through the corridors between the exhibits – here are some of the cool cars and other stuff that I found.

Here’s a beautiful old Royal Enfield.

And a beautifully restored Ford Model T Truck

I haven’t seen many of these in the flash – a 1913 Star 12hp

Here’s something a bit special – Donald Campbells 1937 Bentley 4 1/2

Oh yes! Who doesn’t love a Jag? A 1937 Jaaaaaaguar SS 100

More Jaguar goodness! A 1955 Jaaaaaaguar XK140FHC

I’m really struggling to find words.. Interesting, maybe?

This car was featured on Top Gear a few years back – a 2000 TVR Speed 12 – Stunning!

A beautiful old 1953 Ford Popular. My Dad had one of these!

Plenty of 3-wheelers to see!

Hey Look! There’s a Mini Cooper hiding in here.. start of a thousand movies..!

And here’s a 1960 MGA Roadster with a couple of suspicious looking occupants!

There’s a quirky 1966 Amphicar here too – very handy for flooded roads!

That’s a really nice 1974 Citroen DS20.

And another Citroen, a lovely 2CV

And one of Jezzas all-time favourites, the smallest car IN THE WORLD – aka the Peel P50!

A lovely Triumph TR5. I used to see these everywhere when I was a kid – I wonder how many are driven nowadays?

Hundreds of great Models and Toys too!

A view of the largest hall from Upstairs

Quite a few of those new-fangled flying machines too.

A few more models 🙂

Even Bicycles – Lakeland has some of EVERYTHING!

Dozens and dozens of beautiful vintage and veteran Motorbikes

I can’t remember what year this Scott was, but I think it was early 20’s. And just LOOK at that styling and detail. Really amazing.

A Stunning 1931 MG M Type Midget

A 1983 Bamby – I’ve never seen one before. I think this is the front!

The obligatory DeLorean

There was SO much more, but now I’ll take you for a quick trip over the Bluebird Exhibition

A replica of Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 1935 Bluebird Car, which set a Land Speed Record of over 300mph.

From land to water, here’s a replica of Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 1939 Bluebird Boat, which set a long-standing Water Speed Record of 141.74 mpg

Another Replica, Donald Campbell’s 1967 Jet Hydroplane K7. Donald died in the real version of this boat, trying to set a World Speed Record of over 300mph.

And here’s the end 🙁 of your super-short tour of Lakelands. There is SO much more to discover than I have shown here. If you get a chance – GO! I really enjoyed myself, and you will too!

27 October 2017

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