Kilgarvan Motor Museum

On a driving holiday through the U.K. last year I searched out a few Motor Museums. I really enjoyed them all, but Kilgarven in the South of Ireland was particularly enjoyable. Here are some pictures I took there.

Before you enter the sheds that house the museum, there are some very pretty gardens, and bits and pieces strewn around. Like this!

So, I started walking around, and the first car I saw was this brand spanking new Porsche 911GT3!! What? It’s not a GT3? Sorry.. they all look the same to me..

Niiice! Ye Olde English Triumph Stag!

I’ve never seen one of these before, a German Adler.

This Rolls-Royce Corniche (in a MOST unusual colour!) was the result of a ground-up restoration by the Museum.

A very nice Model T Ford!

And a beautiful Gold Riley.

Here’s a nice old Rover!

This Hillman Special was most likely something in it’s day!

And a STUNNING Rolls-Royce Phantom.

And her Flying Lady emblem.

A very cool Sunbeam Alpine which appeared to have been modified for racing.

And a very sweet Isetta 3-wheeler – these are VERY collectible now!

One of reasons Kilgarven was so enjoyable was that the owner and curator (Trevor) spent time with me, walking through the exhibits and telling me how he came by them, what he had done to restore them, etc.

Every car had a history – you should visit and hear about them 🙂 You can see the rest of my pictures HERE!

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