Dave Winfield

Kennedy Space Center 1999

Definitely one of the best days of my life spent here! I was like a kid in a candy store.

Definitely not to be missed!
2040Atlas - Agena Motors2420Space Shuttle5050Scale model of Saturn V2190Mercury - Redstone2080Delta Launch Vehicle Plaque5033Stage 1 Motors4100Mockup of Space Station2900Space Mirror5048Scale model of Saturn V3300Space Station Shower2000The Rocket Farm 5180Mars Exploration Buggies2910Spaceman2400Shuttle Solid Fuel Boosters5200Navigation Module plan3250Space Station Living Quarters5100Landing Module2240Rocket Farm2150Saturn V J-2 Engine Plaque5320Space Suits4080Mockup of Houston Control Centre5060Re-enactment of First Moon Landing5055Stage 34200Model of Shuttle Carrier
2030Atlas - Agena 3210Space Station Living Quarters5250Service Module3060Building the Space Station2310Saturn V Scale Model5043Stage 3 Front End5044Stage 3 Motor2920Spaceman7060View from Observation Tower4540Command Panel of Space Shuttle2240Saturn 1B H-1 Engine2110Gemini - Titan II3110Building the Space Station4010Command Module with Astronauts2050Atlas - Agena Plaque5000Saturn V Building5160Lunar Rover5010Saturn V Building2260Saturn 1B H-1 Engine Plaque2320Saturn V undergoing restoration6010Interior of Space Shuttle5330Spaceman5300Memorial to Passed Astronauts5310Memorial to Space Flight
2020Apollo - Saturn Service Arm Plaque3280Space Station Living Quarters7070View from Space Station Walkway4210Model of Shuttle Launch System3070Building the Space Station5150Lunar Rover5110Landing Module3090Building the Space Station0030Space Center Sign5030Saturn V2250Saturn 1B H-1 Engine 22270Saturn 1B Plaque5041Stage 24030Mockup of Command Module2100Gemini - Titan II Plaque5140Lunar Rover7040Vehicle Assembly Building5020Saturn V Building2340Saturn V undergoing restoration2350Saturn V undergoing restoration2070Delta Launch Vehicle Motors7050Vehicle Assembly Building7010NASA from Space Station Building7020VAB from Observation Tower
2280Saturn V F1 Engine4020Command Module0010Kennedy Space Centre Entrance5035Stage 1 Motors3120Building the Space Station2330Saturn V undergoing restoration5210Navigation Module3130Building the Space Station2090Gemini - Titan II Engine5036Stage 12300Saturn V Landing Module2280Saturn V F1 Engine Plaque6000Interior of Space Shuttle4090Mockup of Space Station2140Juno 1 Plaque2160Mercury - Atlas 7080View from Space Station Walkway5031Stage 1 Motors3260Space Station Living Quarters2390Shuttle Solid Fuel Boosters2180Mercury - Atlas Plaque2200Mercury - Redstone Motor2005The Rocket Farm
5130Lunar Lander4220Scale Models of Rockets2010Apollo - Saturn Service Arm 5120Lunar Lander4000Command Module3230Space Station Living Quarters5260Service Module4050Mockup of Command Module2360Saturn V undergoing restoration7030Vehicle Assembly Building5010Exit from Saturn V Building2290Saturn V J-2 Engine 7000NASA from Observation Tower5040Stage 2 Motors2370Scamp Tracking Antenna Plaque2170Mercury - Atlas Motors2120Juno 15039Stage 2 Motors3290Space Station Living Quarters3080Building the Space Station3100Building the Space Station5034Stage 1 Motors2220Mercury - Redstone Plaque
1020Launch Pad4530Command Panel of Space Shuttle2130Juno 1 Motor5170Lunar Rover5032Stage 13270Space Station Living Quarters5900Exit from Saturn V Building5038Stage 2 Motors3140Building the Space Station1010Launch Pad5042Stage 32410Space Shuttle and Solid Fuel Boosters2060Delta Launch Vehicle5070Robotic Astronaut2380Scamp Tracking Antenna4070Mockup of Houston Control Centre2230Rear of Space Mirror1000Launch Pad5190Mars Exploration Buggy3220Space Station Living Quarters3200Space Station Living Quarters5037Stage 2 Motors4040Mockup of Command Module

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