Dave Winfield

USA 1992

A trip around the USA with Eddy. Not too many pictures, unfortunately.
0111Hotel in Austin, Texas0352Tijuana, Mexico0247Leaving Las Vegas0108Hotel in Austin, Texas0416Seaworld, San Diego0151The Gates of Graceland0246Leaving Las Vegas0400Barron Falls
0150Gracelands, Memphis0412Seaworld, San Diego0357Tijuana, Mexico0408Seaworld, San Diego0109Hotel in Austin, Texas0400Seaworld, San Diego0402Seaworld, San Diego
0248Leaving Las Vegas0413Seaworld, San Diego0418Seaworld, San Diego0100The Drive down to Texas0245Leaving Las Vegas0401Seaworld, San Diego0407Seaworld, San Diego
0353Tijuana, Mexico0419Seaworld, San Diego0101The Drive down to Texas0202The Strip, Las Vegas0406Seaworld, San Diego0405Seaworld, San Diego0354Bullfight, Signor. Tijuana, Mexico
0417Seaworld, San Diego0110Hotel in Austin, Texas0102Reservoir in Austin,Texas0355Start of the Great Fence, Tijuana, Mexico0409Seaworld, San Diego0201The Strip, Las Vegas0403Seaworld, San Diego
0249Leaving Las Vegas0200Driving into Las Vegas0103Reservoir in Austin,Texas0410Seaworld, San Diego0411Seaworld, San Diego0203The Strip, Las Vegas0404Seaworld, San Diego

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