Dave Winfield

Townsville 1998


One of the best cities in Australia!
1100From the Aquarius1060From the Aquarius1000From the Aquarius1260The Strand1190Memorial Gardens, The Strand1130Memorial Gardens, The Strand
1110From the Aquarius1070From the Aquarius1320The Aquarius Hotel, The Strand1250The Strand1180The Strand1310The Strand
1120From the Aquarius1020From the Aquarius1300The Strand1240The Strand1170The Strand
1090From the Aquarius1030From the Aquarius1290Catholic School on the Strand1230The Strand1160Memorial Gardens, The Strand
1050From the Aquarius1040From the Aquarius1280The Strand1210The Strand1150Memorial Gardens, The Strand
1080From the Aquarius1010From the Aquarius1270The Strand1200Memorial Gardens, The Strand1140The Strand

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