Dave Winfield

Korunda 1997

My Queensland Trip in 1997 included a visit to Korunda (outside of Cairns) on the amazing Skyrail!

A step into the past! Make sure you take the tour through the Rain Forest
0400Barron Falls2080The Daintree3060Turtles in the Daintree3010Turtles in the Daintree
0990Daintree from the SkyRail3050Turtles in the Daintree0510Korunda from the Skyrail2030The Daintree
0420Barron Falls4000Korunda Railway Station2000The Daintree1000Mandurah
2050The Daintree1990The Daintree2070The Daintree
4010Korunda Railway Station2020The Daintree0410Barron Falls
0500Korunda from the Skyrail2040The Daintree1000Daintree from the SkyRail

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