Dave Winfield

Dubai Mall

Shopaholics delight. The most amazing place, you will spend hours and hours here.

Leave your credit cards back at your hotel!
0310Dubai Mall0040Dubai Mall0100Dubai Mall0160Dubai Mall0220Dubai Mall0280Dubai Mall
0320Dubai Mall0050Dubai Mall0110Dubai Mall0170Dubai Mall0230Dubai Mall0290Dubai Mall
0330Dubai Mall0060Dubai Mall0120Dubai Mall0180Dubai Mall0240Dubai Mall0300Dubai Mall
0010Dubai Mall0070Dubai Mall0130Dubai Mall0190Dubai Mall0250Dubai Mall
0020Dubai Mall0080Dubai Mall0140Dubai Mall0200Dubai Mall0260Dubai Mall
0030Dubai Mall0090Dubai Mall0150Dubai Mall0210Dubai Mall0270Dubai Mall

2 comments on “Dubai Mall

  1. David Winfield

    I’ve been in the UAE for the past 15 months. If I’d have known you were coming over we could have met.

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