Dave Winfield

Dubai City

Dubai lived up to the hype for us. People were really friendly and helpful, and the shopping malls are just amazing.

Try to avoid the rude Taxi Drivers!
0720Dubai City Tour0780Dubai City Tour0020Dubai City Tour0080Dubai City Tour0140Dubai City Tour0200Dubai City Tour0260Dubai City Tour0320Dubai City Tour0380Dubai City Tour0440Dubai City Tour
0730Dubai City Tour0790Dubai City Tour0030Dubai City Tour0090Dubai City Tour0150Dubai City Tour0210Dubai City Tour0270Dubai City Tour0330Dubai City Tour0390Dubai City Tour0450Dubai City Tour
0740Dubai City Tour0800Dubai City Tour0040Dubai City Tour0100Dubai City Tour0160Dubai City Tour0220Dubai City Tour0280Dubai City Tour0340Dubai City Tour0400Dubai City Tour0460Dubai City Tour
0750Dubai City Tour0810Dubai City Tour0050Dubai City Tour0110Dubai City Tour0170Dubai City Tour0230Dubai City Tour0290Dubai City Tour0350Dubai City Tour0410Dubai City Tour0470Dubai City Tour
0760Dubai City Tour0820Dubai City Tour0060Dubai City Tour0120Dubai City Tour0180Dubai City Tour0240Dubai City Tour0300Dubai City Tour0360Dubai City Tour0420Dubai City Tour0480Dubai City Tour
0770Dubai City Tour0010Dubai City Tour0070Dubai City Tour0130Dubai City Tour0190Dubai City Tour0250Dubai City Tour0310Dubai City Tour0370Dubai City Tour0430Dubai City Tour0490Dubai City Tour

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