Dave Winfield

Taj Mahal

After years and years of hearing the Taj Mahal compared to flash residences, it came as a bit of a surprise to learn that the Taj was actually a Tomb, and not a palace as expected. It is really impressive, nonetheless.

Get there early to avoid the crowds.
IMG_1825IMG_1831IMG_1851IMG_18570020The Taj Mahal0080The Taj Mahal0140The Taj Mahal0200The Taj Mahal0260The Taj Mahal0320The Taj Mahal0380The Taj Mahal0450The Taj Mahal0510The Taj Mahal0570The Taj Mahal0630The Taj Mahal
IMG_1826IMG_1846IMG_1852IMG_18580030The Taj Mahal0090The Taj Mahal0150The Taj Mahal0210The Taj Mahal0270The Taj Mahal0330The Taj Mahal0390The Taj Mahal0460The Taj Mahal0520The Taj Mahal0580The Taj Mahal0640The Taj Mahal
IMG_1827IMG_1847IMG_1853IMG_18590040The Taj Mahal0100The Taj Mahal0160The Taj Mahal0220The Taj Mahal0280The Taj Mahal0340The Taj Mahal0400The Taj Mahal0470The Taj Mahal0530The Taj Mahal0590The Taj Mahal
IMG_1828IMG_1848IMG_1854IMG_18600050The Taj Mahal0110The Taj Mahal0170The Taj Mahal0230The Taj Mahal0290The Taj Mahal0350The Taj Mahal0410The Taj Mahal0480The Taj Mahal0540The Taj Mahal0600The Taj Mahal
IMG_1829IMG_1849IMG_1855IMG_18610060The Taj Mahal0120The Taj Mahal0180The Taj Mahal0240The Taj Mahal0300The Taj Mahal0360The Taj Mahal0430The Taj Mahal0490The Taj Mahal0550The Taj Mahal0610The Taj Mahal
IMG_1830IMG_1850IMG_18560010The Taj Mahal0070The Taj Mahal0130The Taj Mahal0190The Taj Mahal0250The Taj Mahal0310The Taj Mahal0370The Taj Mahal0440The Taj Mahal0500The Taj Mahal0560The Taj Mahal0620The Taj Mahal

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