Dave Winfield

Agra City Shots

Next was a long drive to Agra, where we expected to see the Taj Mahal. We got a lot more than that – the best part of our Indian adventure, by far.

Really interesting place. Lots to see, lots to do, good food!
IMG_1709IMG_1715IMG_1721IMG_17290400Agra City Views0460Agra City Views0520Agra City Views0060Agra City Views0120Agra City Views0180Agra City Views0240Agra City Views0300Agra City Views0360Agra City Views
IMG_1710IMG_1716IMG_1722IMG_17310410Agra City Views0470Agra City Views0010Agra City Views0070Agra City Views0130Agra City Views0190Agra City Views0250Agra City Views0310Agra City Views0370Agra City Views
IMG_1711IMG_1717IMG_1723IMG_17320420Agra City Views0480Agra City Views0020Agra City Views0080Agra City Views0140Agra City Views0200Agra City Views0260Agra City Views0320Agra City Views
IMG_1712IMG_1718IMG_1724IMG_17340430Agra City Views0490Agra City Views0030Agra City Views0090Agra City Views0150Agra City Views0210Agra City Views0270Agra City Views0330Agra City Views
IMG_1713IMG_1719IMG_17250380Agra City Views0440Agra City Views0500Agra City Views0040Agra City Views0100Agra City Views0160Agra City Views0220Agra City Views0280Agra City Views0340Agra City Views
IMG_1714IMG_1720IMG_17280390Agra City Views0450Agra City Views0510Agra City Views0050Agra City Views0110Agra City Views0170Agra City Views0230Agra City Views0290Agra City Views0350Agra City Views

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