Dave Winfield

Vivaro 2016

With heavy hearts we left Venice, picked up a hire car, and drove north to pick Norma up from Vivaro.

Contact me for a (paid) place to stay in Vivaro, I have a contact!
Vivaro 0002Vivaro 0008Vivaro 0021Vivaro 0000Vivaro 0018
Vivaro 0003Vivaro 0009Vivaro 0022Vivaro 0001Vivaro 0019
Vivaro 0004Vivaro 0010Vivaro 0023Vivaro 0014Vivaro 0020
Vivaro 0005Vivaro 0011Vivaro 0024Vivaro 0015
Vivaro 0006Vivaro 0012Vivaro 0025Vivaro 0016
Vivaro 0007Vivaro 0013Vivaro 0026Vivaro 0017
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