Dave Winfield

Vesuvius 2016

The second part of our trip had us climbing Mount Vesuvius, the cause of the fall of Pompeii. Vesuvius is still smouldering away, and were told that when the next eruption occurs, studies show it will be a big one. Hopefully I’ll be a long way away from that.

Wear Good Shoes! And the guy that hands out the sticks at the bottom expects a big tip when you take them back!
Vesuvius 0003Vesuvius 0005Vesuvius 0011Vesuvius 0017Vesuvius 0023Vesuvius 0029Vesuvius 0035
Vesuvius 0000Vesuvius 0006Vesuvius 0012Vesuvius 0018Vesuvius 0024Vesuvius 0030Vesuvius 0036
Vesuvius 0001Vesuvius 0007Vesuvius 0013Vesuvius 0019Vesuvius 0025Vesuvius 0031
Vesuvius 0002Vesuvius 0008Vesuvius 0014Vesuvius 0020Vesuvius 0026Vesuvius 0032
Vesuvius 0037Vesuvius 0009Vesuvius 0015Vesuvius 0021Vesuvius 0027Vesuvius 0033
Vesuvius 0004Vesuvius 0010Vesuvius 0016Vesuvius 0022Vesuvius 0028Vesuvius 0034
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