Dave Winfield

The Vatican 2016

A long drive into Rome, drop the car off (what a relief THAT was!) and we were free to start exploring. We started with a tour of the Vatican. Looks like they aren’t short of a few bob. Abundance of statues.

Be prepared for HUGE crowds. Sundays admittance is free, evidently.
The Vatican 0001The Vatican 0007The Vatican 0013The Vatican 0019The Vatican 0025The Vatican 0031The Vatican 0037The Vatican 0043The Vatican 0049The Vatican 0055The Vatican 0061The Vatican 0067The Vatican 0073The Vatican 0079The Vatican 0085The Vatican 0091The Vatican 0097The Vatican 0103The Vatican 0109The Vatican 0115The Vatican 0121The Vatican 0127The Vatican 0133The Vatican 0139The Vatican 0145The Vatican 0151The Vatican 0157The Vatican 0165The Vatican 0172The Vatican 0178The Vatican 0184The Vatican 0190The Vatican 0196The Vatican 0202The Vatican 0208The Vatican 0214The Vatican 0220The Vatican 0226The Vatican 0232The Vatican 0160
The Vatican 0002The Vatican 0008The Vatican 0014The Vatican 0020The Vatican 0026The Vatican 0032The Vatican 0038The Vatican 0044The Vatican 0050The Vatican 0056The Vatican 0062The Vatican 0068The Vatican 0074The Vatican 0080The Vatican 0086The Vatican 0092The Vatican 0098The Vatican 0104The Vatican 0110The Vatican 0116The Vatican 0122The Vatican 0128The Vatican 0134The Vatican 0140The Vatican 0146The Vatican 0152The Vatican 0158The Vatican 0166The Vatican 0173The Vatican 0179The Vatican 0185The Vatican 0191The Vatican 0197The Vatican 0203The Vatican 0209The Vatican 0215The Vatican 0221The Vatican 0227The Vatican 0233The Vatican 0161
The Vatican 0003The Vatican 0009The Vatican 0015The Vatican 0021The Vatican 0027The Vatican 0033The Vatican 0039The Vatican 0045The Vatican 0051The Vatican 0057The Vatican 0063The Vatican 0069The Vatican 0075The Vatican 0081The Vatican 0087The Vatican 0093The Vatican 0099The Vatican 0105The Vatican 0111The Vatican 0117The Vatican 0123The Vatican 0129The Vatican 0135The Vatican 0141The Vatican 0147The Vatican 0153The Vatican 0000The Vatican 0167The Vatican 0174The Vatican 0180The Vatican 0186The Vatican 0192The Vatican 0198The Vatican 0204The Vatican 0210The Vatican 0216The Vatican 0222The Vatican 0228The Vatican 0234The Vatican 0168
The Vatican 0004The Vatican 0010The Vatican 0016The Vatican 0022The Vatican 0028The Vatican 0034The Vatican 0040The Vatican 0046The Vatican 0052The Vatican 0058The Vatican 0064The Vatican 0070The Vatican 0076The Vatican 0082The Vatican 0088The Vatican 0094The Vatican 0100The Vatican 0106The Vatican 0112The Vatican 0118The Vatican 0124The Vatican 0130The Vatican 0136The Vatican 0142The Vatican 0148The Vatican 0154The Vatican 0162The Vatican 0169The Vatican 0175The Vatican 0181The Vatican 0187The Vatican 0193The Vatican 0199The Vatican 0205The Vatican 0211The Vatican 0217The Vatican 0223The Vatican 0229The Vatican 0235The Vatican 0237
The Vatican 0005The Vatican 0011The Vatican 0017The Vatican 0023The Vatican 0029The Vatican 0035The Vatican 0041The Vatican 0047The Vatican 0053The Vatican 0059The Vatican 0065The Vatican 0071The Vatican 0077The Vatican 0083The Vatican 0089The Vatican 0095The Vatican 0101The Vatican 0107The Vatican 0113The Vatican 0119The Vatican 0125The Vatican 0131The Vatican 0137The Vatican 0143The Vatican 0149The Vatican 0155The Vatican 0163The Vatican 0170The Vatican 0176The Vatican 0182The Vatican 0188The Vatican 0194The Vatican 0200The Vatican 0206The Vatican 0212The Vatican 0218The Vatican 0224The Vatican 0230The Vatican 0236
The Vatican 0006The Vatican 0012The Vatican 0018The Vatican 0024The Vatican 0030The Vatican 0036The Vatican 0042The Vatican 0048The Vatican 0054The Vatican 0060The Vatican 0066The Vatican 0072The Vatican 0078The Vatican 0084The Vatican 0090The Vatican 0096The Vatican 0102The Vatican 0108The Vatican 0114The Vatican 0120The Vatican 0126The Vatican 0132The Vatican 0138The Vatican 0144The Vatican 0150The Vatican 0156The Vatican 0164The Vatican 0171The Vatican 0177The Vatican 0183The Vatican 0189The Vatican 0195The Vatican 0201The Vatican 0207The Vatican 0213The Vatican 0219The Vatican 0225The Vatican 0231The Vatican 0159
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