Dave Winfield

Rimini 2016

We drove from Modena down the Adriatic Coast, and stopped off to investigate popular sea-side town Rimini, and for brunch.

It gets VERY busy in the summer season, we were told
Rimini 0000Rimini 0006Rimini 0012Rimini 0022Rimini 0018
Rimini 0001Rimini 0007Rimini 0013Rimini 0026Rimini 0019
Rimini 0002Rimini 0008Rimini 0014Rimini 0027Rimini 0020
Rimini 0003Rimini 0009Rimini 0015Rimini 0028Rimini 0023
Rimini 0004Rimini 0010Rimini 0016Rimini 0029Rimini 0024
Rimini 0005Rimini 0011Rimini 0021Rimini 0017Rimini 0025
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