Dave Winfield

Constable Country 2016

After picking up a Hire Car, we left London (the traffic is an adventure all it’s own!) and headed to the East Coast to visit with some of my Relatives.
Cousins Colin and Jeanette took us to visit a magical spot called Constable Country, which was the home of the famous Artist John Constable.
Constable Country 0033Constable Country 0014Constable Country 0025Constable Country 0022Constable Country 0032Constable Country 0002Constable Country 0044Constable Country 0042
Constable Country 0012Constable Country 0047Constable Country 0045Constable Country 0008Constable Country 0024Constable Country 0027Constable Country 0026Constable Country 0036
Constable Country 0006Constable Country 0010Constable Country 0015Constable Country 0017Constable Country 0030Constable Country 0013Constable Country 0041Constable Country 0040
Constable Country 0005Constable Country 0001Constable Country 0028Constable Country 0018Constable Country 0019Constable Country 0000Constable Country 0034Constable Country 0038
Constable Country 0004Constable Country 0011Constable Country 0029Constable Country 0009Constable Country 0020Constable Country 0035Constable Country 0043Constable Country 0039
Constable Country 0021Constable Country 0046Constable Country 0031Constable Country 0007Constable Country 0023Constable Country 0016Constable Country 0003Constable Country 0037
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