Dave Winfield

Bournemouth 2016

The famous sea-side town of Bournemouth! Luckily our visit was just outside of peak tourist season so it was fairly quiet. We did have great weather though!
Bournemouth 0042Bournemouth 0006Bournemouth 0015Bournemouth 0024Bournemouth 0030Bournemouth 0039Bournemouth 0047
Bournemouth 0043Bournemouth 0007Bournemouth 0018Bournemouth 0025Bournemouth 0032Bournemouth 0040
Bournemouth 0000Bournemouth 0008Bournemouth 0019Bournemouth 0026Bournemouth 0034Bournemouth 0041
Bournemouth 0001Bournemouth 0009Bournemouth 0020Bournemouth 0027Bournemouth 0036Bournemouth 0044
Bournemouth 0002Bournemouth 0010Bournemouth 0022Bournemouth 0028Bournemouth 0037Bournemouth 0045
Bournemouth 0004Bournemouth 0013Bournemouth 0023Bournemouth 0029Bournemouth 0038Bournemouth 0046
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