Dave Winfield

Athelhampton 2016

Dani and I stopped in this beautifully quaint village for a look around and Scones!
Athelhampton 0000Athelhampton 0014Athelhampton 0009Athelhampton 0019
Athelhampton 0001Athelhampton 0015Athelhampton 0010Athelhampton 0020
Athelhampton 0005Athelhampton 0021Athelhampton 0011Athelhampton 0025
Athelhampton 0006Athelhampton 0023Athelhampton 0012Athelhampton 0026
Athelhampton 0007Athelhampton 0002Athelhampton 0017Athelhampton 0027
Athelhampton 0008Athelhampton 0003Athelhampton 0018Athelhampton 0028
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