Dave Winfield

Black Point 2013

We decided to have a few days away with my Son and Daughter-in-law, and our dogs Jess and Jake. As I opened the tailgate of my wagon, the dogs bolted into the ocean, and stayed there pretty much until it was time to leave!
The First DipWhats This EarJake in the Wet StuffCommencement of ExcavationsDirty JessBall! Ball!Time for a Roll in the SeaweedThe Millpond, Dani and ChrisCuddles!Dune Dogs
Exploring The BeachBeach View 01Wet DogsNobody here but us PoochesDirtier JessMore SwimmingNone Shall Pass!Dogs in the Millpond 3Hide and SeekDune Dogs 2
Jessie Making Sure She Smells GoodBeach View 05Beach View 03More ExcavationsThe Return of JakeSwim, SwimPaddleDogs in the Millpond 4In the Sand Dunes 3Dune Dogs 3
Shake Jess!Beach View 04MY Ball!ChillinWet Jake!Who can we shake ourselves over this timeDogs in the MillpondWet JakeIn the Sand Dunes 2
SunsetBeach View 02Beach View 07Chillin 2Dip Time AgainRun Away!WassatWaters EdgeIn the Sand Dunes
The Smelly EndsThe Shack 1Beach View 06Take it Easy Jake!Up PeriscopeTo Swim or Chase the Ball, that is the questionDani and ChrisDogs in the Millpond 2The Doggie Duo

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