Dave Winfield

Jess & Jake

2700In The Kitchen0110Jake0180Jake0280Jake0440Jake at 15 weeks0470Jake at 20 Weeks0570Jake at 20 weeks0260Jake0900Jess in the Pool2680Jake at Home2000At Pooch Park2060At Pooch Park1000A Day in the Barossa1030A Day in the Barossa1150Jess at the Doggy Park, Mawson Lakes2550Jake at Home2490Jess at Home2420Jess at Home3050Over at the Golf Course1380Jess and Leng3120West Beach Oval3170West Beach Oval3240West Beach OvalIMG_0049IMG_0140IMG_0493P1000033P1000039Bikkie_Time_for_JessJake in the Sprinkler_001.avi1367118192733136711850532820150528_165039.mp4IMAGE_00620160528_193952IMG_028320160923_174240
0010Jake0120Jake0200Jake0290Jake0330Jake0520Jake at 20 weeks0580Jake at 20 weeks0800Jess and Jake in the Back Yard2646Jess and Jake at Home2620Jess and Jake at Home2010At Pooch Park2070At Pooch Park1100In the Car1040A Day in the Barossa1160Jake at the Doggy Park, Mawson Lakes2520Leng and Jake at Home2470Jake at Home2410Jess at Home3000Over at the Golf Course1370Jess and Leng3120Brushing Jake3180West Beach Oval6000Jean-Paul Jess and Jake at West BeachIMG_0050IMG_0141P1000027P1000034P100004020121120_183454.mp4WIth the Pack at the Dog Park1367118201090136711850678620150528_165053.mp4IMAGE_00820160528_193953IMG_0288IMG_20170323_184033
0020Jake0130Jake0220Jake0300Jake0340Jake2630Jess and Jake at Home0170Jake0810Jess and Jake in the Back Yard2640Jess and Jake at Home2610Jess and Jake at Home2020At Pooch Park2080At Pooch Park1110In the Car1050A Day in the Barossa1090A Day in the Barossa2540Leng and Jake at Home2460Jake at Home2400Jess and Jake at Home3010Over at the Golf Course1360Jess3130Brushing Jake3190West Beach OvalIMG_0001IMG_0052IMG_0142P1000029P1000035P1000140IMG_0485WIth the Pack at the Dog Park 213671184983541367118508430IMAGE_002IMAGE_009IMG_0001IMG_0293IMG_20170323_184213
0030Jake0140Jake0240Jake0310Jake0350Jake0830Jake in the Back Yard0190Jake0820Jess and Jake in the Back Yard2650Jess and Jake at Home2600Jess and Jake at Home2030At Pooch Park2090At Pooch Park1120In the Car1060A Day in the Barossa2580Dani and Jake at Home2530Jess and Jake at Home2690Jake at Home3020Over at the Golf Course1410Jake1200Jess and Leng3140West Beach Oval3200West Beach OvalIMG_0002IMG_0092IMG_0143P1000030P1000036P1000141At West Beach March 201313671180316761367118500899On_WatchIMAGE_003IMAGE_010IMG_0006IMG_0366IMG_20170323_184317
0050Jake0150Jake0250Jake0320Jake0360Jake0550Jake at 20 weeks0210Jake0910Jess in the Pool2660Jess and Jake at Home2590Jess and Jake at Home2040At Pooch Park2100At Pooch Park1130In the Car1140Jake at Penfolds Winery, Barossa Valley2570Dani and Jake at Home2510Jake at Home2450Jake at Home3030Over at the Golf Course1400Jake3100West Beach Oval3150Jake at West Beach Oval3220West Beach OvalIMG_0003IMG_0138IMG_0486P1000031P1000037P1000142Jake eating Paper_001.avi1367118116525136711850249220150406_085256IMAGE_004IMAGE_011IMG_018920160826_180345_001IMG_20170324_184019
0080Jake0160Jake0270Jake0410Jake at 15 weeks0450Jake at 20 Weeks0560Jake at 20 weeks0230Jake0920Jess in the Pool2670Jess and Jake at Home0950In the Garden2050At Pooch Park2110At Pooch Park1020A Day in the Barossa1070A Day in the Barossa2560Jake at Home2500Jake at Home2430Jess at Home3040Over at the Golf Course1390Jess3110West Beach Oval3160West Beach Oval3230West Beach OvalIMG_0048IMG_0139IMG_0491P1000032P1000038P1000143Jess1367118169744136711850396120150406_085242IMAGE_005IMAGE_012IMG_022620160826_180353Grinny_Jake

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