Coffee & Chrome, Adelaide – June 2018

Adelaide has a few Coffee and Cars events. This particular one is held monthly at the HomeMaker Center at Mile End. I went to take a look and snap a few pictures, and it was good! Very crowded, which made it hard to get pictures at times, but some lovely cars.

It was very busy, people everywhere, and the cars were parked right on top of each other, so it was hard to get decent shots. Here’s a 59 Caddy to start with – LOVE those fins! [imgur id=aoHgjcM.jpg] More Cadillac Finny Goodness! A 1960.. [imgur id=fqHe2Ly.jpg] A Nice Z28 Camaro [imgur id=zfBESMV.jpg] And a really nice 1955 Chev [imgur id=M2ukc6r.jpg] 1973 Chev Corvette [imgur id=JoXZ6Eq.jpg] I don’t think they made 356’s in RHD, possibly a replica.. but nice, nonetheless. [imgur id=9slW0T8.jpg] Extremely sweet Engine Bay of a Camaro SS. [imgur id=obIA3sh.jpg] Very pretty 1929 Ford Hot Rod [imgur id=eJiXKRx.jpg] I am about as far from being a Ford Fan as is possible, but I really liked this Falcon 2-Door GT.. Hawt!! [imgur id=4g4BmI6.jpg] Pimpin’ Chrysler Convertible! [imgur id=3VVpkHa.jpg] A bit out of place was this Ferrari 430. [imgur id=ou6omjn.jpg] Most unusual had to be this Ford Falcon Hearse conversion. I like the number plate too! [imgur id=cXSSzX1.jpg] Loved the truck, loved the plate! Go, Phatso! [imgur id=pX8yWFr.jpg] This Falcon GT sounded pretty amazing. Evidently a Big-block that runs 10 second quarters.. [imgur id=BNRcKGc.jpg] A couple of VERY nice Thunderbirds were there… here’s one, a 65 I think. [imgur id=U3kYJcA.jpg] And here’s another… [imgur id=Gc7L1ml.jpg] Absolutely stunning Holden FJ Ute.. Attention to detail was just amazing. [imgur id=vkD0Anm.jpg]

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures.
There are lots more HERE and HERE!

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