Dave Winfield

Past Cars

Unfortunately I either never took pictures of some of my earlier cars, or they no longer exist.  This is what I can find.
0300Mazda MX-5 19900406Ford Probe 19960340Mazda MX-5 19900390Mazda MX-5 1990
0320Mazda MX-5 19900408Ford Probe 19960350Mazda MX-5 19900420Ford Probe 1996
0310Mazda MX-5 19900407Ford Probe 19960401Mazda MX-5 19900430Ford Probe 1996
0403Ford Probe 19960409Ford Probe 19960360Mazda MX-5 19900440Ford Probe 1996
0404Ford Probe 19960410Ford Probe 19960370Mazda MX-5 19900400Mazda MX-5 1990
0405Ford Probe 19960330Mazda MX-5 19900380Mazda MX-5 19900200Jaguar Series II XJ-12 1978

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