British Classic Tour at Victor Harbor. S.A. 2018

The Tour was set up with a Start/Finish Line for the leisurely drive around the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula. No breakdowns were reported.

And when the Tour finished the cars were parked on the Victor Harbour Oval for display. This is when I arrived, to take some pictures!

First up were some stylish Mark 2 Jaaaaaaaaaags, like this one. The colour really suited it, I thought.

And White always looks great, of course. This is another Mark2 Jag.

Moving right along, here is a very nice XJ6. These never seem to look old. do they? Timeless styling.

Not QUITE so sure how I feel about this one.. Different?? 🙂 Very well presented though.

A very nice XJ-R.. I really like these, the ultimate XJ…

And a gorgeous XK-R.. Love the stainless grill.. So much sleek!

An XJ-S rounds out the “modern” Jags. These are pretty cheap to buy still, but they’ll go up..

There were a few XK120/140’s on show, including this spectacular 120. What a machine!

This AMAZING Mark 4 Jaguar has had a whole bunch of work done to it, it really looked fantastic.

There are some SPECTACULAR E-Types, but I’m going to save them for last.. Keep reading!

Here’s something you don’t see too often – lovely Jensen Interceptors! They were fitted with big-block Chrysler engines from the US, and were pretty amazing in their day. Definitely wouldn’t mind one of these in the shed!

Bond? James Bond? This Lotus Esprit was in beautiful condition, Bond would have been proud..

This 1933 Crossley was very pretty too. Extremely stately!

Here’s a very bright and cheery Austin 7! Very cool little car, just 7hp !

One of several VERY lovely Austin-Healey 3000’s.. These are bringing really good money now, and they really epitomise the British Sports Car to me.

There were quite a few Triumph Stags too. SOME SAY that they can be a tad unreliable. They sure look great though!

Lots and lots of cracking Mini’s (the REAL ones!) including this very neat Ute. Too cool for school!

Opposite the Minis was a whole row of brilliant looking MG’s, including this TD, which just REEKS British Sports Car! This would have been built in the early 1930’s.

Here’s a very nice old Singer.. these had a really good reputation way back.. Not too many around these days, I shouldn’t think.

There were probably more MGBs here than anything else. Not complaining, just saying! This one looked fantastic!

And no British show would be complete without a Roller or two! I loved the number plate on this Silver Shadow. The owners seemed to be enjoying their lunch too, no doubt using the picnic set which came with the car.

You don’t see many Morgans around either.. This was nice. If you look closely at the badges on the bumper the one on the passenger side depicts the famous three-wheeler from the same maker.

There were Rovers too! I don’t mind the old Rovers… here’s a 75!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in this powder blue colour – just stunning!

Despite the number plate, this is a Series 2. This cost $7,600 new. Not a bad investment if you only knew!

My favourite E-Type!

The beautiful, stunning, spectacular Series 3 V-12 E-Type! This was the last update of the E-type. It’s very hard to find an angle that doesn’t look amazing

Here’s the white 6 Cylinder (4.2l) entering the display area.

One more!

Stunning in white, this is a 6-cylinder Series 3. Some say that they were better balanced, even though not nearly as powerful as the V-12.

And that’s all folks.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to the British Classic Tour. If you’re in the vicinity I suggest you check it out yourself next year!

If you wish to look through the rest of the pictures I took (LOTS more cars!) Then Click Here!

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