British Classic Tour at Victor Harbor. S.A. 2018

The Tour was set up with a Start/Finish Line for the leisurely drive around the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula. No breakdowns were reported.[imgur id=kzibYKM.jpg] And when the Tour finished the cars were parked on the Victor Harbour Oval for display. This is when I arrived, to take some pictures![imgur id=eVEYZtW.jpg] First up were some stylish Mark 2 Jaaaaaaaaaags, like this one. The colour really suited it, I thought.[imgur id=hP3nZJ9.jpg] And White always looks great, of course. This is another Mark2 Jag.[imgur id=SB6z0Y4.jpg] Moving right along, here is a very nice XJ6. These never seem to look old. do they? Timeless styling.[imgur id=bhS94BK.jpg] Not QUITE so sure how I feel about this one.. Different?? 🙂 Very well presented though.[imgur id=bTOAFsg.jpg] A very nice XJ-R.. I really like these, the ultimate XJ…[imgur id=DfDQxYa.jpg] And a gorgeous XK-R.. Love the stainless grill.. So much sleek![imgur id=XY2v5tv.jpg] An XJ-S rounds out the “modern” Jags. These are pretty cheap to buy still, but they’ll go up..[imgur id=jgNKAhJ.jpg] There were a few XK120/140’s on show, including this spectacular 120. What a machine![imgur id=H2c970d.jpg] This AMAZING Mark 4 Jaguar has had a whole bunch of work done to it, it really looked fantastic.[imgur id=NuJLPcg.jpg]

There are some SPECTACULAR E-Types, but I’m going to save them for last.. Keep reading!

Here’s something you don’t see too often – lovely Jensen Interceptors! They were fitted with big-block Chrysler engines from the US, and were pretty amazing in their day. Definitely wouldn’t mind one of these in the shed![imgur id=0GRE3Lx.jpg] Bond? James Bond? This Lotus Esprit was in beautiful condition, Bond would have been proud..[imgur id=phQfQzk.jpg] This 1933 Crossley was very pretty too. Extremely stately![imgur id=5gn4GQm.jpg] Here’s a very bright and cheery Austin 7! Very cool little car, just 7hp ![imgur id=MWjcUwR.jpg] One of several VERY lovely Austin-Healey 3000’s.. These are bringing really good money now, and they really epitomise the British Sports Car to me.[imgur id=ExYtS8F.jpg] There were quite a few Triumph Stags too. SOME SAY that they can be a tad unreliable. They sure look great though![imgur id=TvRW6VC.jpg] Lots and lots of cracking Mini’s (the REAL ones!) including this very neat Ute. Too cool for school![imgur id=5wHESAR.jpg] Opposite the Minis was a whole row of brilliant looking MG’s, including this TD, which just REEKS British Sports Car! This would have been built in the early 1930’s.[imgur id=8nLpgT9.jpg] Here’s a very nice old Singer.. these had a really good reputation way back.. Not too many around these days, I shouldn’t think.[imgur id=u5RU6Lv.jpg] There were probably more MGBs here than anything else. Not complaining, just saying! This one looked fantastic![imgur id=XT9MoaS.jpg] And no British show would be complete without a Roller or two! I loved the number plate on this Silver Shadow. The owners seemed to be enjoying their lunch too, no doubt using the picnic set which came with the car.[imgur id=F7lFzu2.jpg] You don’t see many Morgans around either.. This was nice. If you look closely at the badges on the bumper the one on the passenger side depicts the famous three-wheeler from the same maker.[imgur id=rpwjltz.jpg] There were Rovers too! I don’t mind the old Rovers… here’s a 75![imgur id=DJlSdAa.jpg]


I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in this powder blue colour – just stunning![imgur id=trX7c23.jpg] Despite the number plate, this is a Series 2. This cost $7,600 new. Not a bad investment if you only knew![imgur id=Evc6lkB.jpg] My favourite E-Type![imgur id=sZlz6By.jpg] The beautiful, stunning, spectacular Series 3 V-12 E-Type! This was the last update of the E-type. It’s very hard to find an angle that doesn’t look amazing[imgur id=eVDy11g.jpg] Here’s the white 6 Cylinder (4.2l) entering the display area.[imgur id=jE2lC1i.jpg] One more![imgur id=zX6YB91.jpg] Stunning in white, this is a 6-cylinder Series 3. Some say that they were better balanced, even though not nearly as powerful as the V-12.[imgur id=kOFkOtu.jpg] And that’s all folks.[imgur id=UtMGd8M.jpg]

I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to the British Classic Tour. If you’re in the vicinity I suggest you check it out yourself next year!

If you wish to look through the rest of the pictures I took (LOTS more cars!) Then Click Here!

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