American Muscle Cruise

As the cruise participants milled around I wandered in and out taking pictures of their cars, starting with this VERY nice Dodge Challenger![imgur id=1FCGF4O.jpg] And here’s another shot of the Challenger – Too nice![imgur id=zT3sNhm.jpg] Next was another Dodge, a Charger.[imgur id=Yz3gyBw.jpg] And another shot. It looks just as good from this angle![imgur id=oqD8XGm.jpg] Nice bum, Charger![imgur id=74PKjqc.jpg] Not sure if they had these Ford Fairlanes in the USA, but we sure got them here in Australia.[imgur id=hlUzyTp.jpg] There are still a few of these being raced in Historics – the famous Ford Galaxie 500![imgur id=dI2YQws.jpg] These Ford LTD’s were sold in Australia too, I think. MASSIVE car..[imgur id=40mnfRU.jpg] THis one is DEFINITELY Australian – a Holden Kingswood! Love those wheels, they really suit.[imgur id=cuXlYj2.jpg] I really liked this Plymouth RoadRunner too.. Definitely looks muscle-y to me![imgur id=HeRiGBR.jpg] Here’s another shot of the RoadRunner. Nice..[imgur id=lbPsHQK.jpg] Another famous Australian Muscle Car, the Valiant Charger! You don’t see many around these days.[imgur id=chcRkOv.jpg] A Beautiful Valiant Regal. That colour is just amazing! And the wheels are great too. Love it.[imgur id=QSLcK1E.jpg] And from the front..[imgur id=yBoCouU.jpg] Another Valiant Regal. Looks completely different in white and looked completely stock. Very pretty.[imgur id=Va0DRQi.jpg] Thought I’d finish with a picture of the bum of the Galaxie – very nice![imgur id=bmimvq4.jpg] This set of photos was completely unplanned, but I’m pretty happy with some of the shots. There are more pictures HERE if you are interested!

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