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Dave Winfield


Thanks for dropping in to my little corner of the Interwebz.

I use this site to document my wanderings around the place, a bit of what I’m up to, and for a whole load of memories. I am a keen amateur photographer so there are a lot of pictures here. I particularly like photographing our trips and holidays, and classic cars any chance I get.

I’m also working on putting together a comprehensive list of Car Museums around the world, which may be interesting or even useful to some.

Feel free to look around, and I hope you enjoy yourself.

American Muscle Cruise - As the cruise participants milled around I wandered in and out taking pictures of their cars, starting with this VERY nice Dodge Challenger! And here's another shot of the Challenger - Too nice! Next was another Dodge, a Charger. And another shot. It looks just as good from this angle! Nice bum, Charger! Not sure if they had these Ford Fairlanes in the USA, but we sure got them here in Australia. There are still a few of these being raced in Historics - the famous Ford Galaxie 500! These Ford LTD's were sold in Australia too, I think. MASSIVE car.. THis one is DEFINITELY Australian - a Holden Kingswood! Love those wheels, they really suit. I really liked this Click Here to Continue Reading
Early Model Holden Spotting! - There is also a very famous institution here in Adelaide called Vili's Cafe de Wheels, where you can buy (and consume) really great meat pies and other food. This morning I went out for a coffee at Vili's with my buddy Steve, and co-incidentally just after I arrived people started turning up in the very first model Holdens, the 48-215 (or FX) and it's successor, the FJ. I had my DLSR in the car, so took advantage and some pictures, a few of which I have here for you today! First to arrive was this very original (apart from the paint, I think) 48-215. I had a quick chat with the owners, and the engine is the original 132cubic inch Click Here to Continue Reading
British Classic Tour at Victor Harbor. S.A. 2018 - The Tour was set up with a Start/Finish Line for the leisurely drive around the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula. No breakdowns were reported. And when the Tour finished the cars were parked on the Victor Harbour Oval for display. This is when I arrived, to take some pictures! First up were some stylish Mark 2 Jaaaaaaaaaags, like this one. The colour really suited it, I thought. And White always looks great, of course. This is another Mark2 Jag. Moving right along, here is a very nice XJ6. These never seem to look old. do they? Timeless styling. Not QUITE so sure how I feel about this one.. Different?? 🙂 Very well presented though. A very nice XJ-R.. I really like these, Click Here to Continue Reading
My visit to the Geraldine Motor Museum in New Zealand - The Geraldine Motor Museum didn't look like too much from the outside, but we had a couple of hours to spare, and the entry fee was very reasonable....so.. in we go! First impressions : The museum is crowded, and definitely built and run on a budget. But there are some nice old cars here, and there are no pretensions or salesmanship at all. This 1912 Overland looks very nice in Yellow. This 1910 Bianchi must have have been quite the thing when it was new. Lot's of Horse Carriage influence here still. And look at the lovely polished chest on the back! And the gold-plated door handles. I bet this cost a small fortune back in 1910. This Rolls-Royce really Click Here to Continue Reading
List of The Best Car Museums - In my quest to visit and photograph every Car Museum IN THE WORLD I thought I'd better find out where they all are. In my over-achieving style I have starting building a database of museums, sorted by country/region. Early days yet, I've hardly touched the USA for instance, but you can find the list at This Spot. If you know of any I've missed, please let me know as I'd love to keep building the list.