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Birdwood Mill – April 2018 - I recently took advantage of one of the newest additions to the museum, and so got some pictures of the AMAZING Bugatti Veyron. Birdwood Mill April 2018
2018 Jaguar National Rally – Display Day - The Jaguar National Rally was held in South Australia this year. Sunday 15th April had most of the entrants displaying their cars at the amazing National Motor Museum in Birdwood. As is my wont, camera on the ready, and off we go. I got pictures of *most* of the cars, but the weather wasn’t very [...]
Austin 7 Club Funkhana - 8th April 2018, and the Austin 7 Club held a FunKhana on Houghton Oval.  Events included Delivering a rolled up newspaper into a tyre, catching balls, driving around in circles maintaining tension on a string, and describing a 360 circle with a cardboard box over your head (see the pictures!) Austin 7 Club Funkhana – [...]
Vintage & Veteran Display - The South Australian Vintage and Veteran Car Club hosted a free display of some fabulous vehicles in the Adelaide Parklands.  I popped along and took a few pictures – Enjoy! Show me the Pictures!
Back from Holidays! - We have arrived home from another holiday – The United Kingdom this time.. Lot of photos at : United Kingdom 2017 And I managed to squeeze in a few Car Museums that rev-heads might like :- Kilgarvan Motor Museum 2017 Bo’Ness Motor Museum 2017 Lakeland Motor Museum 2017 The British Motor Museum 2017 Donington Motor Museum [...]
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