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Back from Holidays! - We have arrived home from another holiday – The United Kingdom this time.. Lot of photos at : United Kingdom 2017 And I managed to squeeze in a few Car Museums that rev-heads might like :- Kilgarvan Motor Museum 2017 Bo’Ness Motor Museum 2017 Lakeland Motor Museum 2017 The British Motor Museum 2017 Donington Motor Museum [...]
Cross-Flashing a Fujitsu D2607 RAID Controller - I recently picked up a few Fujitsu D2607 RAID Controllers (cheap off eBay!) to replace the Rocket RAID controller in my NAS, which I have come to distrust as it has at times been a little flaky (plus, they have never provided a single firmware update, and support if asking anything is non-existent). The Fujitsus [...]
Classic Adelaide 2016 - I headed out with camera again, this time to the Classic Adelaide.. Classic Adelaide 2016 Enjoy 🙂
Lots of Photos - Dani bought me a new DSLR for my birthday, and I’ve gone crazy taking pictures 🙂 Check out the recent holiday to Europe, including visits to the 2 Ferrari Museums in Modena, and the Schlumpf Collection in Mulhouse (France). I also took some pictures while they were setting up for the 2016 Classic Adelaide.
Google Chrome Tabs open in United Arab Emirates - Here’s a small ( but annoying) problem which has arisen a few times for me, and it always takes me a while to either figure it out or find somebody else who has.. Opening a new Tab in Google Chrome suddenly defaults my location to Google.uae instead of google.com.au. The solution is simple – try [...]
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