Plane Watching and Software Defined Radios (SDR)

A couple of weeks ago I invested a massive $12 in a very cool gadget called an SDR (go look it up!)

I initially set up a piece of free software called Visual Radio, but have since added the output from my SDR to a growing network..

See, scroll over to Adelaide, and watch the planes come and go from Adelaide Airport in real time!


Weather Station

For quite a while now, I’ve had a personal Weather Station running.

With the availability of low-cost solutions with a PC interface, I recently updated and put my Station on-line.

The page is updated every 5 minutes 24/7, and has a comprehensive history also.

Click Here to check it out!

The site also automatically updates a page on Wunderground


Golden Retrievers – EVERYWHERE!

We stumbled across this lot while we were out walking the dogs this morning..

Surprisingly enough, it was the Golden Retriever Club (which, like most clubs, I have studiously avoided!)

Seemed a nice bunch of people, apart from the obligatory crabby old bitch who got pissed off that my dog looked at her dog, and was obviously not trained properly.

The dogs had a great time, which was the main thing, and the whole bunch was surprisingly subdued for a pack of Goldens :)

IMG_20140216_120527.jpg IMG_20140216_120525.jpg IMG_20140216_120510.jpg IMG_20140216_120455.jpg

New PC!

After quite a few years of upgrading the same old PC, I decided to buy a new one..


Running a 6-core i7 processor with 32GB of RAM and a 256GB Solid State Drive.

It runs quite well :)

The biggest performance improvement, though, was to dump Windows for the stunningly elegant Linux Mint.

It took me probably half the time to get the thing set up than it would have with windows, and I am absolutely delighted..