Dave Winfield


CryptoLocker Cryptolocker Ransomware – And what you can do about it - You may have heard of Cryptolocker or Ransomware. If you haven’t then the chances are that you will soon enough, possibly the hard way. What is it? Ransomware is big business, and a major risk and potential expense to everybody who uses a Windows Computer. Ransomware is a program that will encrypt every file on [...]
gigabyte_z77x_up7_2_550 GigaByte Motherboard Restarting Problem - Whilst I’m generally really impressed with the quality and function of Gigabyte Motherboards, I’ve now encountered the same issue with 3 separate ones – an i5 and two i7’s, running Windows or Linux. The issue is that you shut down the computer, everything goes off.. then starts right back up again! This appears to be [...]
Cleaning (Really Dirty) Car Wheels - I’m running through one of my cars tidying some bits and pieces up. I dropped the wheels off to clean the calipers and suspension, and didn’t realise just how bad they were. It doesn’t look like they’ve EVER been cleaned Covered in grime and dirt, really ground in and built up. This is a job [...]
dropbox Backing up WordPress to dropbox - I found a great little plugin this week. Titled “WordPress Backup to Dropbox” is free, with a couple of “premium” addons if you want to zip up your backups or receive email notification on success or failure. It initially backs up all designated folders, and then on a schedule you determine it runs an incremental [...]
westbeachtrust West Beach Trust – What are they doing? - After years of providing a first class environment for the residents of West Beach, the West Beach Trust has moved under new management, which appears to have a completely self-serving, empire building agenda. Issue 1: The beautiful public golf course has been decimated by the development of a new Baseball facility (I’ll come back to [...]